Time to Ditch your Denture Glue for a Transforming Smile of a Lifetime


Advances in implant dentistry makes it one of the most growing areas in dentistry today. So why do so many people still wear debilitating dentures and struggle every day to do what we all take for granted: eating, smiling and enjoying a good quality of life?

In reality, dentures are uncomfortable, and often with on-going pain. Not only can they be damaging to the jawbone and gum tissue, but are costly to repair – and offer little when it comes to aesthetics.

The daily ritual of brushing your denture, putting glue on and inserting into your mouth – seems somewhat on the barbaric side; especially when the glue wears off every 4-6 hours and re-gluing easily shifts to the main focal point of the day. Combined with the anxiety and embarrassment of your dentures dropping out or slipping, even the most hardy of us will quickly feel demoralised. So it’s not surprising that many of you, only wear their dentures when going out, as the process is so difficult to tolerate.

Reality bites even further with dentures restricting so many aspects of everyday life beyond social activities, eating or smiling, to even speaking and being able to articulate certain words properly.

If this sounds familiar, you can get your life back on track with beautiful, healthy teeth that are strong and stable. A simple solution transforming tens of thousands of lives across the globe are dental implants – the next best thing to the look, feel and function closest to natural teeth. Dental implants are built to last, so for a long-term solution, that lasts a lifetime, you can live your life in a carefree and confident, rejuvenated and transformative way.

London-based Dental Surgeon Dr Adeel Ali, an implantology specialist, helps to restore confidence and transform lives for countless patients with dental implants by using cutting edge technology with the highest quality of care to deliver a pain-free and speedy recovery.

“I really do love restoring oral health. It’s my driving passion to give patients a chance for a fresh start in how nature intended.

Dental implants really can give a new lease of life and bolster self-esteem,” explains Dr Ali. “The positive impact is enormous because they are so empowering, life-enhancing, confidence-boosting.”

The practical benefits of dental implants are impressive, and instantly noticeable as they retain your natural face, shape and smile – so you can wave goodbye to sagging or sunken skin. They also preserve and stimulate natural bone growth, helping to prevent bone loss. You can bite naturally too, so you can taste all kinds of foods with vigour and savour any menu you choose.

Because dental implants are fixed, there is no more slipping, so you can chomp heartily away, eat anywhere you fancy and be as adventurous as you dare-there are no restrictions in life.

“Dental implants simply make people feel really good, especially the over 50s and the older generation. It’s great to see my patients confidence return, where they feel complete and back to their former selves, happy and fulfilled.”

A study by BUPA shows that over 80% of Brits are worried about how they look – and over one third are embarrassed about their teeth. If you look at the lifetime costs of dental implants, up to £15k, compared to costs of other restorations that may need to be replaced on a regular basis, then implants are surprisingly cost effective and just as easy to care for as a natural tooth. That may explain why today, over 90% of people with dental implants used to wear dentures.

So, is it a worthwhile investment? Just weigh up the life-changing benefits, and the power of the transformative to find your answer.

posted on:- 30-11-2017
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