Silver Swagger: How To Build Self-Confidence, Self-Esteem & Sex Appeal Over 50

 Aging is a natural and inevitable process. Yet, some find as they reach 50 that they no longer feel as good about themselves as they once used to. Although, the truth is, this is when you should be feeling at your very best! It’s time to get some Silver Swagger which will allow you to just ooze self-confidence, self-esteem and sex appeal.

Tell me more, tell me more I hear you cry? Well, here are some tips to do just that! 🙂

Accept And Appreciate Your “Now” Self

Stop comparing yourself to your younger self. We’re all guilty of being own worst critics sometimes and we reaffirm this when saying things like “I could do this better when I was younger” or “I don’t have as much energy as before.”

To improve your self-confidence and maintain a healthy self-esteem, begin by accepting and appreciating your “now” self instead of drawing direct similarities to your “then” and “old” self. Change is a good thing. Embrace it!

Yes, your body is changing. You may be losing hair or have lost some teeth. But have you considered how far you’ve come to be the person that you are right now?

Acknowledge Yourself

Your younger “old” self probably made one or two mistakes back then. Perhaps you would have done something different if given another chance? Or do you acknowledge the right decisions you’ve made to achieve certain things?

This is a glass half empty/half full type scenario. Start focusing on your achievements rather than perceived failures. Realize that your “now” self is far more experienced, more self-aware, and more knowledgeable than ever before. This “now” self had to learn the hard way from the “then” self.

It’s healthy to accept your mistakes but rather consider the what ifs of the future instead of those from the past. If things didn’t happen the way they did, you would be a completely different person – it is the tumultuous journey, the ups and downs, the roller coaster that has helped shaped the glorious person you are, today.

Look Towards The Future

Some feel that they don’t have as much time left when they hit 50 and thus don’t want to plan too much into the future.

However, according to Age UK, there are over 11.8 million people in the UK aged 65 upwards.

Thanks to modern medicines and the fact that our generation is more informed and health conscious than any in human history, they estimate that there will be over 20 million 60 and older by 2030. In the next 30 years, the number of those aged 75 will double.

Currently, over 500,000 are 90. Almost 20% will live to see 100!

Set goals for yourself to grow as a person.

If you’re not growing, you’re dying. Achieving goals, no matter how big or small, will allow you to build self-esteem. Just think, you now have the time to pursue your dreams. Take that cooking class, learn Italian finally or embrace the benefits of technology and the internet by attending a computer training workshop. What about traveling to remote destinations that you’ve always longed to see?

Perhaps you’ve found your greatest satisfaction through your career and have secretly endeavored to become an entrepreneur or own a small business – guess what? Colonel Sanders was 65 when he founded KFC. Ray Kroc opened his first McDonald’s franchise at 53.

So, why can’t you start now? You can and you’re in a better position than those guys ever were to achieve success.

Share Your Knowledge

You’ve taken years to amass your knowledge. Why not share it with the world?

If your expertise lies in your line of work, start an informative blog. Who knows, you may even make some extra pounds!

But blogging is not only for the business minded. What about your hobbies and other recreational activities? Perhaps you’re a master fisherman or a whiz with a ball of yarn and a crochet needle.

The world is your oyster if you share your talents and you can blog about anything you’re truly passionate about.

It doesn’t just have to be blogging. With the likes of Udemy or Teachable, anyone can teach their skills via online courses, create videos and share them on Instructables or YouTube, or even start your own podcast.

One of the greatest moments of satisfaction and a sure-fire self-esteem booster is when you are able to advise or teach your skills to another. Become a mentor and teacher.

Or join a forum on social media to draw like-minded individuals who share your interests. Forget what you’ve heard, old dogs most certainly can learn new tricks and maybe someone teaches you something new!


Flash those chompers and smile. Even if it’s a forced fake smile at yourself in the mirror, this action will automatically elevate your mood and even more so if it’s a true smile using your eyes.

Forbes reports that the impact of a smile has on your mental state was realized by Paul Ekman in 1990. While researching negative expressions, he discovered that the frowns were actually getting him down. He found that the opposite is just as true as a smile changes the brain’s activity, reduces stress levels, and has the ability to place one in a better mood instantly.

Additionally, smiles attract others and can become contagious. There’s a ringer of truth in “smile and the world smiles with you.” When it comes to sex appeal, there is also nothing as sexy as a genuine smile either.

Perhaps you are too shy to smile because of your teeth (or rather the missing ones). Or it could be that your dentures are always embarrassingly moving around and it makes you decline any invitations to social gatherings where food is involved.

If that’s the case, consider dental implantology. Not only will it dramatically improve the way you look and how you feel about yourself, it can also benefit your health and promote better digestion particularly if you have problems chewing with dentures.

Besides not being able to fully savour meals, Durable Health lists other health problems caused not chewing your food properly.

These include the possibility of developing GERD (chronic acid reflux) and poor oral health. For the latter, plaque build-up worsens as there’s not enough saliva produced when not chewing properly to clear bacteria and food particles out of the mouth.

Dental implants replace missing teeth by sturdy titanium screws being embedded securely in the jaw. They look 100% natural and feel just as natural as the fixture works in the same way as the tooth’s root would. An innovative process known as All-on-4 can see missing teeth replaced in one single treatment!

While you can also gain plenty of Silver Swagger and rock your executive silver hair like younger celebs do by colouring their hair grey these days, being 50 is actually the prime of your life. You have reason to swagger!

The silver lining is that you’ve a world of opportunity with the added benefit of wisdom. This is when you should be feeling the most confident and most sexy. In a world where everyone is struggling for time, confused and chaotic, you are self-assured, you have plenty of time, plenty of money and plenty of life left to do what you truly enjoy and love. And look great, whilst doing it!


posted on:- 30-11-2017
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