The Shocking REAL Price of Dental Implants


There are three things that people subconsciously pay attention to when meeting another person: eyes, shoes, and of course, teeth. Obviously, not being able to talk or laugh freely creates tension, which seems to last forever. You know, you’re sitting in a park watching children play and suddenly, an old acquaintance from your previous workplace walks up. You engage in a small talk trying to sound casual, but instead, all you’re thinking about is “How do I end this fast so she doesn’t notice?”

Dental implantation is a procedure that will transform your entire life, allowing you to eat anything you desire, smile broadly – just like you used to, recover self-esteem, say goodbye to bulky, embarrassing and painful dentures, and most importantly, lead a confident social life.

Confidence is directly linked to quality of life. Confident people generally have an optimistic mindset, which allows them to tackle various life situations more effectively, whereas less confident people are often overtaken by sadness, depression, embarrassment (in our case, for their looks), feel older than they actually are and even age quicker. You can change all of this in a heartbeat with the help of dental implants, just like these people did.

However, there is a catch; two, in fact:

1. Dental implants cost a fortune nowadays.

2. They are much more affordable abroad compared to the UK.

Stay with me, and you’ll be shocked to find out just how wrong those assumption really are.

The REAL Price of Dental Implants Abroad

At a glance, the idea seems pretty reasonable – why pay more if you can get the same for less? But (and this is a big but)…

When you install dental implants, you get much more than titanium and zirconium. You’re paying for life-time aftercare, cutting edge technology, experienced surgeons and orthopedists, and world-leading dental labs that ensure long lasting, beautiful, perfectly functional teeth.

Not all implants are of the same build quality, and most foreign clinics can’t offer the same level of expertise and experience as those based in the UK. For one, UK dentists are among the most strictly regulated professionals in their sphere, which boosts their implantation success rate to 98%, the highest in the world. Furthermore, we are fully aware and take care of every possible surgical complication, free of charge. Most foreign clinics do not include those details in the initial cost, but when you find out about this, it’s already too late.

Another essential aspect – aftercare. Sometimes, postoperative problems can arise (anytime during the first few months after the installment) and need to be taken care of. Even if nothing goes wrong, you’re still required to visit your dentist at least once a year to clean the prosthesis, check the stability of implants, the health of the surrounding soft tissue and natural teeth, if present. You aren’t planning to go abroad every year, simply to visit your dentist, are you? You’d much rather use your travel fund to go on that Caribbean cruise, or that all inclusive golf resort in Dubai, right?

Finally, if for any reason you seek follow-up care in the UK, which may be several years after the surgery was carried out abroad, it will be extremely difficult to help with no proper documentation on how exactly the procedure was carried out. To give you an idea, there are 50 different systems that can be used for dental implants.

This is how the costs, invisible at first, creep up unexpectedly: unsuccessful installment (along with stress and frustration) that needs to be rectified, post-operative issues and aftercare costs will soak up more time and money than you could ever guess.

Take Ann, a lady of 55, who lost all her teeth at a young age and after 20 long years, was fed up to the back teeth (quite literally) with dentures. She simply longed for fixed teeth. After a bit of research, Ann found an agency in London that promised her a double arch dental treatment abroad at a price twice as lower as in the UK, and took up the offer immediately.

As it happened, unfortunately the surgeons in the clinic didn’t speak English, and as the procedure was nearing, Ann had a dozen questions that couldn’t be answered, which made her feel extremely uneasy. As the operation proceeded under a local anesthetic, the two surgeons started arguing about something concerning her lower jaw, but she couldn’t understand a word. After a few minutes of heated discussion, the surgeons got back and completed the job.

Thinking that the worst part was over, Ann planned to continue her treatment, but on the next day, her whole jaw became sore. Nobody told her this might happen and anxiousness started to take over. Leaving the treatment half-complete, she returned to the UK to seek further help at home. She went to a local clinic, and while her examiner didn’t notice anything wrong, the pain wouldn’t go away.

After a few long, stressful days (while undergoing various dental examinations), the problem was found. It was a minor, common postoperative issue, which is easily solved when you’re expecting it. As a result, Ann still ended up completing the treatment in the UK, but it took twice as much time and resulted in way too much unnecessary stress.

Another aspect of installing dental implants abroad that’s commonly ignored by many.

Traveling is a cost on its own and it’s anything but small. To give you an idea, here is what a typical procedure (assuming there are no complications) looks like:

To carry out the complete installation of dental implants, at least 3 visits to a clinic are required. This technically means that, on average, you will need to stay abroad for between 2 and 6 weeks, before the crowns are ready. The accommodation, transport and food costs are all considerable for the given period, as you are by now starting to realise.

Let’s forget about the price for a minute. What about the opportunity cost? Why should you be stuck in a foreign, alien environment (with chances being that surrounding people don’t even speak English) for a month, when you could spend that time in the comfort of your home, surrounded with the warmth of your family and the laughter of grandchildren?

On top of everything, it’s unadvisable to fly immediately after getting a dental surgery. The low cabin air pressure can cause bleeding or even implant displacement and no clinic will take responsibility for that, meaning you may well have to pay extra to fix those problems.

It’s About Spending Well, not More or Less

Nowadays, things like financing can make dental care and implants more affordable than ever. An 18-month, 0% finance arrangement can help you get the job done for as little as £75 per month!

Also, the costs aren’t what they used to be. At all. Yoy may be surprised to learn, for instance, that an all-on-4 dental procedure, which restores the full arch, costs about as much as an average family holiday. Yet, you undergo the procedure once and enjoy the full benefits of a better life afterwards. Why take the risks of going abroad, when some of the world’s finest dentists are right here, ready to deliver high quality, guaranteed service along with exceptional customer care?

When you really think about all the aspects, it really is a pretty small price to pay for restoring your confidence and self-esteem, being able to smile freely and wholeheartedly, without any fear or embarrassment.

Still unsure? Just give us a call for a full, free, no quibble consultation and ask as many questions as you like, or fill in your details and we will get back to you in a matter of minutes.

posted on:- 30-11-2017
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