Patient stories


I’ve had an innate terrifying fear of dentists all my life. I’ve had normal dental treatment previously, until it was suggested that I’d benefit from implants. I didn’t know anything about dental implants at all. When I spoke to Dr. Ali, we got on very well right from the start – there was quite a rapport between us.

I’ve always wanted good teeth. But never actually having good teeth, I felt that this was the time to go ahead with it. I don’t remember feeling any great pain. I never went home and thought: “ On my goodness, I’ve been to the dentist – the anaesthetic is wearing off and now I can really feel it!” I didn’t feel that at all; it just went very smoothly. I returned a couple of times for adjustments, but other than that I’ve had them in now for 18 months and I’ve not had a problem at all. It seems a funny thing to say, but it was quite an enjoyable experience. At the end of the day, I received exactly what I wanted – this made me very happy and without any regrets. I’d recommend Dr. Ali because he’s clear, concise and informative; and makes you feel at ease.

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