Patient stories


About thirty-five years ago, a ‘wonderful’ former boyfriend smacked my teeth out. I had dentures fitted but over the years the dentures wore down on the other teeth and they start falling out. So, I reached a stage where I started to think about taking action because I’d messed about with dentures for so long. When you get a bit older, you think you’re not supposed to worry about having nice teeth – but actually, you worry more. Now, I have a lovely set of teeth and I can really smile at people. Dr Ali and his team stay in touch – even after you’ve had the treatment, often telephoning to make sure you’re okay and everything is good. They really do actually care – it means far more than a job or making money. They want you to smile at the world. It’s such different world where I live in now to my life before. So I say why wait – do it now!

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