Our Proven Process

Our Proven Process – Seven Steps to a Super Stunning Smile

Step 1. Your Caring Consultation

It all starts here. Come to our clinic, and be seen by our highly experienced and trusted treatment co-ordinators, who will assess your teeth, gums and general health. This examination will decide whether you are suitable for the treatment.

Step 2. Smile Assessment with Your Smile Co-ordinator

If your dentist agrees you are suitable, you will have a Smile Assessment, which includes a computerised 3D CT scan to measure the amount and location of bone in your jaw. We can also digitally mock up what your new smile may look like, on screen.

Step 3. Plan for Success and Safety

If it is determined the procedure can definitely be performed, you will be taken through a full onboarding process, where each step, date and procedure will be discussed. We will ask a number of questions at this stage, just to be extra thorough and ensure we can create a personalised plan for you.

Step 4. Your Personal Plan, Presented

Following analysis of your previous examinations and answers, a completely personalised treatment plan will be drawn up, presented and explained to you. All questions will be answered to your satisfaction. A date will be set for your treatment.

Step 5. Transformational Treatment

In between your personalized plan and the treatment date, we will be in regular touch, to ensure you are happy and to provide further reassurance if required. On the day of the surgery, you will be sedated to ensure minimal discomfort. Our surgeon will place a set of fixed, natural looking ‘temporary’ teeth to the titanium posts positioned in the jaw and you’ll leave us with a beautiful, beaming new smile, the very same day.

Step 6. Amazing Aftercare – Making sure everything is perfect

We will be in regular touch, and during the next few months (once your teeth have settled) we will take impressions to ensure your final, permanent set of teeth are a perfect fit. You’ll be given your permanent teeth on a date soon after that – and given advice and placed on our maintenance programme. This will help you to keep your teeth in the best condition possible. Your teeth will have a 5 year guarantee.

Step 7. Confidence and a fresh start – free photoshoot

Your new life begins here! As a way for you to celebrate, we’ll arrange a free professional studio photoshoot for you. Whether you want to travel the world, dine in your favourite restaurants eating whatever your heart desires or be a social butterfly, never again will your teeth, smile or confidence prevent you from doing so!