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Every patient deserves long-lasting and outstanding results with the highest standard of dental care – this is the cornerstone of my work.

Implantology in London, UK

Dr Ali is a leading light in transformative dentistry and a passionate advocate of combining a humanistic approach with the latest dental technology. As such, he prides himself on providing outstanding customer care that achieves only the most excellent results in the specialist field of restorative and implant dentistry.

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NO LONGER TERRIFIED OF DENTISTS I’ve had an innate terrifying fear of dentists all my life. I’v …


SMILING AT THE WORLD EVERYDAY About thirty-five years ago, a ‘wonderful’ former boyfriend smack …


SO WELL LOOKED AFTER I had a bridge fitted at the top and was very pleased with Dr Ali because he w …

Dr. Ali is considered one of the most experienced practitioners of Osstem dental implants in Europe.
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